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Video-wall / Multi-display / Big Screen / Super Size Display
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Teq Digital’s Video-wall with DID Thin-bezel LCD panel is fundamentally an enhanced LCD panel, implanted in a special ’Narrow Bezel’ casing cabinet, engineered and exclusively dedicated to high shape indoor & outdoor commercial advertisement and control room.

Create super sized display which uses multiple giant Teq Digital’s DVW040 - 40" DID Thin-bezel LCD panel or DVW046 - 46" DID Thin-bezel LCD panel or DVW146 - 46" DID Ultra-Thin Super narrow-bezel LCD panel which can be produced in various sizes and ratios ranging from 92"s to no bound. It can be installed with a least amount of space, in spite of the size, providing effective use of room space, and with a perfectly flat surface, there are no display distortions. It is also free from short-distance eye glare, and the resolution of each unit is 1366 X 768, with special tilling technique invented by Teq Digital, the display of the whole screen boasts 1080p HD showing.

As sole fundamental component with thin-bezel, the 40”/46” LCD tile could finally manage the deal of creating a seamless LCD module video-wall. The till has only 0.49” (12.5mm)/set bezel frame each side, an elementary feature to avoid visible display gape and for this reason this is ideal for Video-wall.

  • High end: Make a value price .
  • To make big to make LED Video wall affordable now company to any comparator.
  • No need for any external controller to do tile for video-wall. - All LCD units in the tiled DID panel can controlled by software.
  • The narrowest bezel – Narrow bezel (only 0.49” (12.5mm)/set) makes easy to display your advertise in stumpy space like super-market, super-mall, library, restaurants and hotels.
  • Application in both indoor & outdoor environments - Excellent performance under sunshine - Boasting high brightness of 700cd/m2; HD resolution boasts up to 1080p; high contrast ratio of 1200:1; 8 BIT, 16.7M proper displayable colors.
  • Teq Digital accept special structure to design video-wall which makes installation and tilling quite flexible.
  • Teq Digital Tiled Display adopts Samsung unique thin-bezel DID panel, boasting special display and module structure which are different from conventional LCD.
  • Supporting powerful interface – Interface with VGA (PC), YPbPr(HD Signal), CVBS (Optional), S-Video(Optional), HDMI (Optional) and TV Tuner(Optional) are obtainable.
  • Long life time – Thin-bezel DID(20h/day; 24 months) Vs Conventional LCD(6h/day; 12 months) with high reliability, free from sticking image and burn-in.
  • Excellent ROI with lower investment - Initial investment and subsequently maintenance costs are extremely cheaper.

Video Wall Advantages:

  • A video-wall system provides flexibility for viewing many images on multiple screens or fewer large images enlarged providing greater detail to a larger audience.
  • High brightness is maintained in the display regardless of the image size.
  • Superficial construction of video-wall reduces the space requirement.
  • Video-wall’s High resolution display capacity is created with array of display devices maintaining the image quality regardless of the display size.
  • Total system reliability is increased with the redundancy of video-wall.
  • Video-wall allows lower cost components to be repaired or it can replace quickly.

Why Teq Digital?

  • Professional-grade DID Thin-bezel LCD panel and components for the most formidable digital signage industry requirements.
  • 1920 x 1080 full-HD, ultra-high resolution for true 16:9 aspect ratio, brightness of 700 cd/m2, and contrast ratio of 1200:1.
  • Ultra-thin bezel with 8-millisecond response time to reduce motion objects.
  • HD-capable display, which supports 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p, and 480i standards.
  • Use of heat protection plate & improving ventilation with air gap which leads to better brightness uniformity and identical dissipation heat.
  • Sealed module prevents component from smoke, dust and other contaminants.
  • The Units can be tiled in flexible ways: Landscape or Portrait; 1*1 ........M*N.
  • Ensures about color uniformity and fidelity across individual and multiple screens, creating a perfectly matched image in tiled environments.
  • Unique SPVA (Super Patterned Vertical Alignment) technology, which equalizes the video signal to reduce color distortion and improve sharpness for both analog and digital connections on long cable runs.
  • Delivers virtually uninterrupted, undistorted viewing of high-speed, full-motion video.

Why Video-wall against Single ones or Big projection?

A video-wall is a set of control system and an array of display screens that allows for the display of one or many information sources.

There are many ways to create large video and computer images, but one size does not well for all applications. Front projectors can do a marvelous job large imaging, but they require enough distance for the projection throw, and their screens must be shielded against stray ambient light, which reduces image contrast.

Single Monitor/ LCD/ Plasma are certainly bright but are limited in size and true resolution.
The fast-growing video-wall with Plasma / LCD display panel is making further cuts in weight and size possible, without sacrificing brightness, contrast or resolution. Right now, you can build video-walls with component LCD capable of at least 1920 x 1080 resolutions, in screen sizes up to 82” to no bound. Those display cubes can be stacked into squares, rectangles or just about any shape you wish.

Model No Video wall with DVW040 Video wall with DVW046 Video wall with DVW146
Screen Size (active area) 80"s to no bound 95"s to no bound 46"
Net Weight 76 lb.(39 kg.) 82 lb.(36.5 kg.)  
Gross/shipping weight 87 lb.(39 kg.) 94 lb.(42 kg.)  
Aspect Ratio 16:09 16:09 16:09
Number of Pixels 1920(H) x 1080(V) 1920(H) x 1080(V) 1366(H) x 768(V) (WXGA)
Pixel Pitch (HxV) mm 0.02" (0.648mm) x 0.02" (0.648mm) 0.02" (0.648mm) x 0.02" (0.648mm)  
Response Time 8ms 8ms 8ms
Displayable Colors 8 BIT, 16.7M 8 BIT, 16.7M 16.7M
Brightness 700cd/m2 700cd/m2 700cd/m2
Contrast Ratio 1200:1 1200:1 3000:1
Color temperature 10000K 10000K 10000K
Viewing Angle (H/V) 178/178 degrees 178/178 degrees 89/89/89/89 (L/R/H/L)
Power Supply As per configuration As per configuration 100 ~ 240V (50 / 60 Hz)
Power Consumption As per configuration As per configuration Operate 200 Watt (Max 300 Watt)
Component Display Inside Dimensions 35.52” (902.2 mm) W x 20.26” (515.2 mm) H 40.84” (1037.5 mm) W x 23.25” (591.2 mm) H 40.09"(1018.3mm) W x 22.54"(572.51mm) H
Teq Digital provides you an attractive, cost-effective economical digital signage displays; take a look at our wide screen LCD monitors. Digital signage displays are flexible and deliver higher impact messages. Teq Digital enables you to take attractive, cost-effective economical digital signage displays and complete digital signage solution; Digital signage displays are flexible and deliver higher impact messages. They enable you to create a more effective in-store messaging for an informed shopping experience, build your brand identity and image, get immediate merchandizing response, or offer information as a public service in bigger public venues. Teq Digital’s widescreen LCD monitors deliver faster video response, a wider viewing angle, and higher brightness and contrast. Use them as a single display or into a dynamic video wall.

There is bound to be a Teq Digital LCD monitor will fit your display and digital signage requirement. Teq Digital's DID thin-bezel LCD Display is widely applied in elevator halls, transport - scalable ergonomic multi-screen, corporate buildings - dynamic information display, airports – FIDS (Flight Information Display System), stock exchanges leisure facilities - Data wall, cruisers - control room wide screen LCD, department stores and supermarket - Multi display screen for advertisement. Teq Digital DVW series LCD panel provides the perfect video wall solution or in emergency operation center and control room.

Teq Digital provide perfect end to end digital signage display solution for casino, restaurant, hotel, corporate, transport, hospitality, retail, government, transport, airport, supermarket, department store, elevator hall, hospitals, library, museum, out door advertising, emergency operation centre, control room, control centre.